Do You Need To Insulate Your Garage?

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Are you speculating about whether you need to insulate your garage or not? After all your garage is an extension of your home.  Insulating a garage depends on a lot of factors like whether the rest of the house is insulated, is the garage attached to the rest of the house, do you use your garage for any other work like carpentry, play area for the kids a storage space, car tinkering or anything else?

Most homes have two or more vehicles and the garage space is a fairly large are which mostly doubles as other important areas depending on the need of the moment. Take a look aa couple of reasons as to why you must consider insulating your garage too

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It is more than appropriate to insulated the garage if the rest of the house is completely insulated. Moreover, your garage is an extension of your house – a place where kids play, you have your modified gym, someone likes to do woodworking or you might just decide to have a garage sale here. For all these reasons making the garage comfortable is very important.

Prevents heat from escaping

Even though the shared walls of the garage may be insulated, it doesn’t really do much when it comes to keeping the cold air out. Every time the connecting door or the main garage door has opened the cold from the uninsulated garage will seep in and the nice and warm air from inside the house escapes out and further reduces the inside temperatures and also increase your electricity bills. So, to prevent this from happening it is quite important to insulate your garage too.

Protect plumbing

Many households do their laundry in the garage and have installed their washers and dryers here. During the colder months if the garage is not insulated the pipelines might just get frozen and cause a lot of damage to all the plumbing and the equipment too.

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Protect and preserve valuable items

Garages are often used as storage spaces for expensive equipment and sports gear like bikes, cycles, exercising treadmills, and other motorized gadgets. Some of this equipment is not humidity and dampness and may get damaged due to lack of insulation. Often exposure to long periods of moisture may cause metallic objects to rust and ultimately loose functionality too.

Reduces sound transmission

In case your garage in the venue for your teenager’s next party or they are planning to use the garage for their next band practice or your kid is planning to surprise everyone with his next carpentry project where he needs to hammer and saw a lot, you can spare you’re the ordeal of listening to all this unwanted noise by insulating your garage and sitting comfortably in the confines of your living room.

Protect your vehicles

Though your vehicles may be tuned to starting soon even in the cold weather over a period of time the engine does start to crank up a lot before it starts and until the time your car starts you have to sit and shiver in the cold.  Insulation in the garage prevents this and keep your vehicles and you warm and protected.

So, do yourself, your family and your vehicles a big favor and invest in insulating your garage too.

Which Garage Door Springs Do I Need

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The Importance of a Garage Door Spring

Being a homeowner, you will have by now realized the true importance and the vitality that the door spring plays in the opening and closing of a garage door. Now, these doors are not light weight by any standards. They are heavy and bulky and need to be handled with care.

What is the role of the spring in the garage door?

It plays a very integral role in the door. It balances the door and enables smooth operation.  Such large springs could be very dangerous. Performing a broken garage door spring is asking for trouble. The door cannot be used when the spring is broken. When the door does not work efficiently, the problem is more often than not, the spring. It should be checked immediately. The door ought not to be operated until the spring is repaired or replaced.

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What happens when the spring breaks?

When the spring breaks, the garage door simply cannot open or close. This leads to various issues relating to the security of the house and the basic inability to remove the vehicle from the garage or park it back. Being unable to complete your daily routine is a very serious consequence. Thus, it is very vital to pick the right garage spring door so that your daily life routine does not come to a standstill.

How does a door spring break?

A door spring in the garage door could break because it is rusted or due to depreciation and wear and tear. If regular maintenance has not been done, the life of the spring reduces. Over a spring’s life span, it will become weaker making the door harder to operate.

A good quality door spring will prevent a lot of damage. A broken spring could lead to the door falling suddenly and causing serious consequences.  Actual deaths have been recorded because of poor quality or poorly installed garage door springs.

How long does a spring normally last?

In the case of residential doors, the assumed life span of a garage door spring is said to be about 10,000 cycles. One open and one closed forms one cycle. On an average, this spring can last about six to seven years.

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What types of lift springs are used on a garage door?

The Torsion spring system that is located either at the end of the horizontal tracks or right above the garage door opening is one of the types of a lift spring.

The extension spring system can be installed over and above the two horizontal tracks.

Which Garage Door Spring Do I Need?

The Torsion spring system is believed to be quieter than the extension system. The torsion spring is able to last twice as longer. It is known to support more weight. The overall balance offered by the Torsion spring system is greater and that makes this spring a better choice in many ways. The balance enables easy opening and closing of the door. They have fewer exposed parts, unlike the extension springs. It is safer to use because of this. But then the flip side is that this spring is more expensive.

The extension springs are usually more economic in nature. They end up being the most popular cost because it is cheap. It must also be noted that where there are more parts exposed, they are also likely to be that much more dangerous.

It is vital to note that both the springs operate utilizing extreme tension.


The torsion spring seems to be the better choice and hence those are the springs that one could use. Despite being more expensive, the safety also must be taken into consideration. It is silent while in operation and the good overall balance is something that enables smooth working of the garage door.